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Top 10 Tips For People Interested About Freelancing

If what you seek in employment is job flexibility, then the freelancing field is a lucrative option that you may want to consider. As you embark on a career in freelancing, these are some of the tips that will help you succeed in…


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I picked up a call one time and got this guy asking me to come tow his car out of his own driveway and tow him to work. Apparently, he was ready to go to work and his car wouldn’t start. He said he didn’t know how else he would get to work so he wanted me to tow both him and his car there. Then he told me that he was already late and he needed me to get there five minutes ago.

Jacob was traveling in Burma and one evening, he was excited and luckily he saw a massage shop. He signed up for a session, and he was directed to a wall with a curtain. The massage therapist pulled the curtain aside, and Jacob saw a cut-out in the wall. It was a rectangular hole in the wall with a dimension of a coffin. A little man showed up, and Jacob wondered how he would manage to nuru-massage him. The funny thing happens when the little man climbs to him ad squeeze himself in a squatting position between Jacob’s legs.

In 2014, twelve years old, Sara Busta was arrested for spraying perfume on herself during a lesson. The teacher detects that the action was rowdy to the entire class. Despite the fact that Sara had applied the perfume because she was being bullied by other students who were teasing her by saying that she smelled, her teacher was unable to correct the situation saying that bullying was fine. The teacher called some fake cop who later arrested the girl. This was funny since the charged was later dropped.

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Earning Online

Getting Started. The role which the internet plays in shopping, entertainment, news and social contact is increasing rapidly. With this increase comes an equally rapid expansion in the amount of business and earning occurring online. Choose your work. Deciding how to earn online…